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31 August 2009

Fun With Colt

Bix had a terrific time playing with Colt, and it appears she enjoyed it a little more than he did.

Mommy and Daddy had a great time too. An afternoon filled with good friends, swimming and Cane's is always a recipe for success!

27 August 2009

Typical Thursday Night

Bathing in the cooler and working on her goose call, Bix is a true woman of the south.

26 August 2009

The Tiki Hut

Some neighborhood kids went the extra mile with their lemonade stand. They wore grass skirts, sunglasses, plastic leis and boas. Bix spotted them with their hula-hoops and bubbles and wanted to be part of the action. She happily held up signs to try to get customers and was fascinated with their cash register. We didn't get any shots of the actual "Tiki Hut", but here is Bix trying to describe it.

25 August 2009

Summertime Pool Party

"Don't burn the chicken, Andy!"

"What? Toddlers totally know how to grill."

After all that hard work overseeing the cooking...a much needed poolside reverie."

Thanks again for having us over Amy. Love the new place and love you too!

24 August 2009

Bass Pro Shops

We didn't really need anything, but we figured since it was "tax free weekend" we should at least do a little shopping. Bix tested a lot of the merchandise, but we just didn't find anything quite right.

"This boat is a little too slow."

"My feet don't quite reach the they make one a little smaller?"

"This tent looks promising!"

"Hmmmm...this cot just isn't quite right."

Bix also took time to make a keychain, watch the fish, and pose for the cover of a magazine. If you have a hot day, and a busy toddler, we highly recommend this indoor wonderland.

20 August 2009

Fiesta Night at Our House

Thanks to Andy we had a delicious dinner,

and LOTS of fun.

Mexican Hat Dance anyone?!

19 August 2009

Isn't She Sweet?

Bix is all smiles and sweetness...until it comes to sleepy time. Our little girl who has been a dream when it comes to going to bed has suddenly decided she no longer wants a nap nor does she wish to sleep at night. What is happening to our 15 hour sleeper?!

18 August 2009

17 August 2009

A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Maybe only Auntie B will get the Sesame Street reference in that title, but all of you can appreciate the toddler with the open-faced sandwich. Can you see how she eats that thing?

Bix really enjoys her peanut butter.

16 August 2009

Redneck Swimmin'

Who needs an "above-ground" pool when you have an empty cooler handy?

Who needs a towel to dry off with when cruising around on the Big Wheel works just as well?

11 August 2009

"Say Cheese"

Bix is really branching out with her toddler interests. In addition to dancing, jumping, building with blocks, and playing make-believe, Bix has started to hone her photography skills.

Looking good Mommy!

This must be an "artistic" shot.

Bix' loving portrait of her baby.

Aaaah, the emotional shot of the beloved sippy cup.

Still working on not blocking the lens with her finger.

Self-portrait of the artist.

10 August 2009

Bix & Mav

BIx is really glad that Maverick is home from vacation...but there is no way she will be sharing her ice cream cone.

06 August 2009

Bix and Hailey

The girls had a great time at the park. It was hot, but so what?!

There was some cool new things to play on.

It looked so fun, Mommy even got into the action.

The best part of the day must have been Hailey reading Bix her bedtime story. I don't know who loved it more...Bix or me. It was really very sweet,

05 August 2009

Swimsuit Controversy

Bix is with Michael Phelps...Speedo is the way to go!

04 August 2009

Camp Stacey

Is in full swing! Kenji and Hailey are in town and Bix is having a great time.

This session is already full, but if you are looking for the greatest camp experience ever...we have found it!

03 August 2009

Weekend in Austin

Bix and I met Auntie B in Waco at noon. After lunch I was headed home all by myself. Bix spent the whole weekend with Auntie B and Uncle Casey! I don't know who had the best time her...or them.
There was lots of eating!

Many popsicles, and heart to heart chats.

A little exercising to work off those calories.

Of course a trip to Old Navy.

And those are just a few of the things they did. All the activities really wore the girl out.

Bix was sad to say "good-bye".

Don't worry can go back and visit anytime