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29 March 2010

Dinner Time

The girl likes to eat.  Some people's stomachs growl when they are hungry...Fi just growls.

28 March 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

It was very exciting! Bix didn't quite understand that today wasn't actually Easter, but she managed to make do. There was face painting and balloon shapes.
Bix really enjoyed the train.
Prizes for the egg hunters.
Don't forget the candy!

Fi posed for pictures with Mom.
Bix snuck in one last shot with the Bunny.

25 March 2010

How Do You Like My Hat?

Bix and I made this beautiful crown together.  I cut and she glued.

What do you think of it Fi?

The best part of the crown is that Bix thought the extra piece of braided yarn turned her into this guy.  Help us're our only hope.

23 March 2010

Spring Dresses

From snow to sundresses...things change fast around here.  I am loving the Liberty of London collection...and I am loving these frocks on the girls.

22 March 2010

First Day of Spring

Bix spent it in the snow.  Yes, that's right we had snow!

Hot chocolate and cookies were necessary to ward off the chill.

Fi, however, was off to the disco.

18 March 2010

Ice Cream Day

That is what Bix and Finley were chanting.  That is until we got to the park...then all we heard were the squeals of delighted 3-year-old girls.

I felt lucky that Bix didn't choose the Rainbow Dream this time.

16 March 2010

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Fi's first driving lesson.

15 March 2010

Seize the Day

There have been many requests for performances from Newsies.  OK, this is really for two people in particular, but they have asked many, many times.  Here is the singing AND dancing!

(Sorry about the crying, Fiona wanted to be heard a little bit too.)

14 March 2010

Birthday Party

Bix' best friend Finley turned 3!  The toddler set celebrated with cake,

lots of swinging,

and a bounce house.

Plus candy...don't forget the candy.

Fi could hardly contain herself.

10 March 2010

Baby Laryngitis

Fi feels fine, but sounds so pitiful.

07 March 2010

Cold and Rainy

That was our weather today.  Of course Bix was outside making sure everyone was "safe".

Fi decided to stay warm and dry inside.

05 March 2010

GO, Grease Lightning

Nice jacket Bix...very authentic.

Fi isn't so sure about all the singing.

03 March 2010

Creative Thinking

Yes, Bix chose every piece of this ensemble.  She also chose to paint outside when it was 48 degrees.

She would have had on her sunglasses, but Mommy couldn't find them.

02 March 2010

Sitting Pretty

Fi is starting to master it.  At first she seemed a little surprised.

By later in the day she was getting rather bored of the whole thing.

01 March 2010

Wild & Wacky

We have had a dress-up theme the last few weeks at church.  This weekend was "wild and wacky".  Bix thought that "wacky" meant she was supposed to bring her sword so she could "whack" people.  We talked her out of that and told her it just meant to be "silly".

Fi got in on the act too.