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29 June 2007

Eat, Swim, and Be Merry

While it has been raining almost constantly the entire month of June...there was a break in the weather this afternoon. Just enough time for a quick dip in the pool.

We had a lovely lunch, a quick swim, then we toweled off and had Isaac send down a few drinks to the Lido Deck.

28 June 2007

Warming Up in the Pool

Bix and I are going to a swimmming-luncheon on Friday. In preparation, we decided we must try out her new floaty. As you can see here she is very relaxed and seems to enjoy the water quite well. She looks as though she "owns" the pool. I think tomorrow will go...swimmingly.

In the Garden

You have certainly heard about (or seen) all the rain we have been getting here in Texas. It has not been constant though, we get the occasional break. During those moments, Bix and Daddy go out and inspect the explosion of growth in our garden.

Bix likes smelling the flowers...

Bix likes posing with the flowers...

Most of all Bix loves grabbing the flowers...

27 June 2007

The Feed Goes On...

Bix has improved greatly with her eating over the past two weeks. It seems as long as she gets to hold onto the spoon she enjoys it (she is so independent). Feeding also appears to go much smoother if Daddy is the one wielding the food. After he fed her an ice cream cone at McDonalds, she is beginning to grab at anything he is eating and wants more...more...more...

26 June 2007

Johnny Jump Up

We finally found the original Johnny Jump up. Not the huge thing with the tray and toys attached to it...just the basic, classic version of this excellent exerciser. It is just the right more feet dangling off the ground. As you can see, Bix really likes it too.

25 June 2007


Bix got to meet her Great-Grandma Brown today (too-too for those in the know). A great time was had by all! We are very excited to spend time with her while she is here.

Bix also petted her first dog (she was only allowed to look at Hershey). Maverick and Bix got along famously.

Travelling Gal

So much going on. We have been travelling, and Bix seems to be doing much better on the road. Bix had lots of firsts this weekend: visit to the Oklahoma State Mental Hospital, a McDonald's ice cream cone, sleeping in a hotel crib, swim in the lake, boat ride, wearing of a bikini, and of course the requisite life jacket to match. Here is some of the action...

Posing in her bikini/life jacket ensemble.

Telling Daddy where to steer the boat.

All that fun really takes it out of a gal.

20 June 2007


Bix had her first friend (her own age) over for a visit. Charlie slept and Bix rolled around on the floor. Bix ate and slept and so did Charlie. The Moms had a wonderful wonderful friend Michelle is holding the tots here.
We took a few minutes to get Charlie into cyberspace and you can check out the beginnings here. At seven weeks he is really getting a jump on things.

We are off to the lake so you may not hear from us for a few days...but rest assured there will be plenty new Bix when we return.

Feeding Time

We have been trying for almost a week now, and Bix still doesn't care for the cereal. You've heard us've seen the she is in action.
We thought she was starting to like it after the first bite, but as you can see...we were wrong.
You have seen her father and me eat...we just don't understand it.

19 June 2007

Lucky Me

How did I get so blessed? Not only do I have a terrific dad, but so does Bix!
These are my two cuties. They are the lights of my life (and of each others).

He is so great with her, and they share a super-special bond. (Just like Poppo and T)
Life is!

18 June 2007

The Sidneys

We spent a wonderful weekend in LA with the family. Saturday was the Cox family reunion...Bix got to meet lots of relatives she had never met before and got to share some laughs with Granddaddy (her namesake). Here they are have a little chat.
A great time was had by all!

14 June 2007

You're Fired!

Babies with hair are so funny...
We are going to the Port for the weekend. Have a wonderful Father's Day...don't forget to call your dad.

13 June 2007

A Mover & A Shaker

Bix is on her way!
And so is her mom...yes I have finally got some 'live action' going on the blog!
She is rolling over from back to front now. So stay tuned for more...she is KP and my child so there is sure to be lots and lots.

12 June 2007

Busy Busy Busy

A baby's day is so full of activity.
Going out in the new stroller, visiting with Aunt Liz, eating, diapering, and yes ladies and gentlemen rolling over!
Several times yesterday and today Bix rolled from back to front. She doesn't like to be on her tummy for very long, but as soon as I put her on her back she starts to roll over. She is very surprised and excited each time she does it...quite a day's business.
As you can tell from these really is tiring being a baby.

10 June 2007


That is the new stroller! We are in dire need of some exercise over here, and the snap-n-go just is not cutting it. Mom has lost 30 lbs, but still has another 20 to more excuses.
After weeks of research and test-driving all the possibilities we came to the conclusion...this is the absolute best stroller!
We took the BOB out for a spin today and it is fan-tastic. I can tell that finding reasons not to go for a run just got harder...I mean after all, look how cool Bix looks in it.

08 June 2007

Rice Cereal

Yesterday it was the shots, today it is the cereal...
As you can see, Bix hasn't quite gotten the hang of (or the taste for) the cereal thing yet. However, she is my daughter so I have great faith theat she will be an advanced-eater in no time.

07 June 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

OK, it is really only 4 months, but it seems like a moment worth celebrating.
We started the day with a trip to the doctor. Weight=15 lbs 1 oz; length=26 in. So according to the CDC Bix is in the 85th percentile for weight and is a tall little girl(at least for now) who is in the 95th percentile for height. Now we also learned that her head has a circumference of 16 inches (they clearly don't measure around the cheeks) this puts her noggin in the 50th percentile.
After getting four shots and an oral vaccine, there was a bit of crying, but the tears quickly subsided and she was overcome with sleepiness.
This happy expression you see in the picture was actually taken late last wasn't a great day for a photo-op.

06 June 2007

Slip, Slap, Slop

For years the Aussies have used this slogan to help protect kids from skin cancer...and it has been very effective, rates are plummeting.
It goes like this: Slip on a shirt, Slap on a hat, Slop on the sunscreen.
We are getting Bix in the habit early...she loves her hat!
She also loves to be outdoors and go for walks. See how excited she is?

The energy only lasts so long. Twenty minutes and she is out like a light.

05 June 2007

The Jumper

Bix really loves to jump. She has been doing so even before she was born (trust me on this) We have been trying to put her in her jumper ever since she was strong enough to hold up her head. The jumper clearly states that is for babies 4 months and older, but we figured she was advanced and could handle it. We have been trying for a month and a half and now that she is actually 4 months old...she is still too small.
You have all seen her, she is no skinny baby. How chunky must she be to weigh enough to have her feet touch the ground? Oh, yeah, in case you couldn't tell from the snap...her feet are about 5 inches off the ground. (and we have adjusted it all we can...this is as low as it gets without precariously rigging it)
As if we don't have enough of a problem with childhood obesity in this country. Now in order for our baby to play (actively, and get some exercise) she has to be fatter?
It doesn't make sense to me. What do you think?

Until she gets bigger she will have to continue to enjoy the jumper the only way she a swing.

03 June 2007

Happy Birthday!

It is June 3rd a day that many celebrate their birth.
Some of the more notable include: Tony Curtis (for the classic film buffs), Chuck Barris (for the game show aficionados), Anderson Cooper (for those of you who follow the news), Allen Ginsberg (for the beatnik hipsters), Scott Valentine (for you who know what "yo, Mallory" means), and then of course there is me (for those of you are reading this).
We had a lovely day here that included sleeping in, reading the paper and attending a crawfish which Bix promptly fell asleep (as you can see here) We had a terrific day Bix, my wonderful husband and me.
Oh, if only all birthdays would be so nice...

02 June 2007

Sleep In

It is Saturday, take a tip from Bix...sleep in and enjoy!