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25 March 2013

Daddy's Girls

Good thing we live so close to the pond...nothing they like better than fishing with Daddy.

13 March 2013

Bix' Birthday Revisited

I know it has been over a month since she turned six, but I realise I have been remiss in detailing the event as it should have been. (we have been crazy here the past month.)

On Bix' birthday, she picked Fuddrucker's as her dining destination.  They were both very pleased with that selection.

Love that toothy grin.  (notice the's her birthday shirt from last year.  She insisted it was the thing to wear)

Great dinner!  Fun time!

A few presents after dinner.  Here is the birthday girl thanking Grandma (and Poppo) for Theatre Camp!

Then of course there was the cake that Fi and Mommy made.

Fi insisted on a cupcake instead.

We let the big six-year-old slice and serve the cake herself.

 Fi was not sure that was the best idea.

It was Bix' birthday...and it was great!

For Bix' celebration with her friends...we had a Saturday morning Pancakes and Pajamas party.
There was a create-your-own pancake topping bar, storytime, pin the bacon on the eggs

and of course...pancake on the spatula relay races.

That some how devolved into marshmallow fights...spectacular

Then the birthday girl blew out her candles that were placed atop her stacked-up doughnut "cake"

It was great fun, and not too difficult to pull off.  We had 22 kids at the house that morning.  Maybe that's why there haven't been any blog posts lately...I am still recovering;)