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30 November 2009


We had a special holiday last week for just giving thanks.  There are so many things we are grateful are just a few.

Fi is glad to have a big sister.

Bix feels the same about Fi.

Bix said many "thank yous" for her new shopping cart.

(and the box it came in)

We are thankful for safety straps.

Fun at the playground is something we also remember.

A walk to the park with Grandma and Mavy is a treat.

These are the three things I am most thankful for.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and we wish you all of God's blessings throughout this upcoming Christmas season.

24 November 2009

Le Artiste

Bix gets quite colorful when she paints.

Fortunately she is also enthusiastic about cleaning herself up.

17 November 2009

Fun With the Boys

Bix and Fi had a terrific time with Charlie and Drew.  Mommy enjoyed catching up with Mimi, and we all had a tasty dinner from Lover's Egg Roll.

15 November 2009

All About Snackin'

We love to eat here at our house.  Bix likes to help make recipes whenever she she is enjoying a smoothie she created. (Notice she is following the rules and staying "in" the kitchen.)

As you can tell, Fi is not shy about eating either...the girl is really packing on the lbs. oz.

13 November 2009

"Be Gentle"

We have to keep repeating that to Bix.  Maybe she is starting to get it.

11 November 2009

New Clothes

Both girls are sporting new togs.  Bix has a plaid flannel dress.

Complete with cream-colored pumps.

Fi found some fun polka-dot diapers.

10 November 2009


Bix is still enjoying her Halloween haul.

Fi wishes she was big enough to have some too!


09 November 2009

One Month

People seem to go back and forth over whether or not the girls look alike.  The consensus is that Fi doesn't look nearly as much like daddy, and that her cheeks are not nearly as chubby as Bix'...but she is working on that.