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26 April 2011

Easter Egg Hunting

This is basically how it went.  The girls searched high.

They searched low.

They opened cards.
Fi was very into the candy.

Bix enjoyed the gifts, like her new necklace.

And coloring book.

Fi wanted more candy...

 Bix focused on how many eggs she could find.

Fi was more concerned with eating the eggs (and their contents).

This girl is serious about her candy.  I'd back off if I were you.

25 April 2011

Easter Joy

Our weekend was filled with family and friends, a wedding celebration, and the victory of our risen Lord!  So much to share...

20 April 2011

More Fishing

Bix has gone fishing with Daddy quite a bit.  She finally caught her first fish...a good sized perch!  She was very interested in checking it out.

 Until she touched it...a bit wiggly and slimy!

 Big smile and pose with the hands behind her back.

19 April 2011

April Showers

We had a nice little half inch of rain during dinner.  That of course meant we had to put on our boots and do some stomping.

We had fun splashing everyone.

 Lots of chasing each other, and racing each other.

 Bix could have stayed outside all night.

Everyone got thoroughly soaked, and it was finally time to go in.  (I think Fi was ready for bed)

18 April 2011

The Easter Bunny

We had a great time at the mall today.  The girls could have walked around all day

 But first things first...we had to see EB.

A little play time at the playground, and some pretending to sell ice cream.

That worked up an appetite...we had to get some for real!


16 April 2011

HNHA Easter Egg Hunt

The neighborhood hunt was on today at the north side lake!  The girls were beyond excited. Bix was first in line for the face painter.

Fi was right behind her.  (She got distracted by the Easter Bunny, who had lollipops)

The first group up was the 0-3 years age division.  Fi was ready to go.

Once she got going, she really had the hang of it.

There of course was lots of train riding, and Bix got off just in time to join the 4-6 year-olds in their hunt.

I believe she was giving everyone instructions here...

 Fi ate plenty of candy.  Some of it was even hers.

Bix admired her painted face wherever she could.

 More train riding.

 Still going...

When it was all over, Bix was still full of it.

 Fi was in a daze, and ready to head home.

What a terrific way to kick off Easter week!  Looking forward to lots more fun.

14 April 2011

Texas Weather

Yesterday was gorgeous, and so was today...until about 10:30.  We dropped about 25 degrees, and then this...



Amazingly, both girls slept through the whole thing.  Thank goodness for that!

13 April 2011


The day was beautiful.

So were the flowers.

It was a little windy though.  We couldn't quite keep the hair out of our faces.

We had fun with Grandma.

But we were were ready to go.  Bix couldn't take another step.

11 April 2011

Gone Fishin'

Fi wanted to learn how to fish, so Fi and Daddy spent the day fishing.

 Ok, this is really how most of the time was spent.

10 April 2011

New Clothes!

What is more fun? CiCi bought the girls some really cute ensembles.  Here they are modeling the latest Spring fashions.

Bix teaching Fi how to curtsy.