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25 April 2012

Potty Training

Fi has been staying dry and using the potty for a few weeks now.  We did have a little accident today though...

The girls didn't seem to mind.

19 April 2012

Evening Stroll

With a little extra daylight, and some lovely weather...a family walk was in order.

"Come on everybody!  I'm ready to go...I've got my Skittles."

"Mom...seriously...more pictures?!"  Or maybe she was saying, "Home Alone!"

Fi got so hot, she decided to stick her head in a sprinkler.  Bliss.

Bix was too fast to slow down for water.  Besides, she was breaking in those new crocs.

16 April 2012

Visit With Archie

So much excitement!!! We were visiting Archie for the whole weekend! (you too Auntie B)  The weekend started off with a trip to Auntie B's office, Archie's school, then dinner at Cafe Express.

Bix couldn't keep her hands off Archie...Fi's first priority was eating.

A little porch-swinging before bedtime.

...meanwhile, up in Oklahoma, Uncle Casey and Daddy were shootin' turkeys.

Everyone slept well...

There is a terrific playground just around the corner from Archie's house.

The perfect place to spend time while Archie was napping.

The whole place was decorated by students...even one named "Arch".  Bix thought that was really cool that his name was already on his school.

Across the street from the school is an interesting home. (Scare the kiddoes much?)

Popsicles rock...and so does Auntie B!!!

 Bix contemplated the world as it went by at Wahoos.

Fi was busy eating.

Archie too.

The girls put on a post-lunch show for all the passersby.


Lights out.

Sunday we were off to church.  Bix was excited to show off her new dress.

We had so much fun and were so busy we didn't get a lot of photos, but make no mistake, the girls have been sad since we pulled out of the driveway and want to know when we can do it all again.

10 April 2012

Dance Class

We are definitely getting our money's worth...

06 April 2012

Train Trip to the Park

The girls took their first trip on the DART light was quite exciting!

They got a little impatient waiting, but it was worth it.

Everything they saw was "new" as they sped past.  Not being buckled in was their favorite part.

We got off in downtown Plano and played at the park.

Go Bix, go!

What a fun surprise, we ran into our friends Luke and Noah!

Hearty appetites were rewarded with burgers, fries, and ice cream. (the girls ate every bite)

Well, except what ended up un Fi's face.

A little people-watching while the food digested.

Then some antiquing.  The girls were instructed to keep their hands in their pockets at all times, and they did a great job!

The day ended too soon...

 But with the promise of a return visit...we were all smiles again.

04 April 2012

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

Yesterday was a bit gloomy...what with a dozen or so tornadoes touching down in the Metroplex.  Today was beautiful, and perfect for riding.  
Fi is starting to get the hang of coasting.

Bix is enjoying it more to!

01 April 2012

More Spring Fun

Next up was Bix' best friend Finley's Pirate Birthday Party...Arrrgh!

No, they didn't hire a pirate, that is the birthday girl's dad. (greatness)

There was a lot of bouncing.

And plenty of snacking.

The fun doesn't stop though, Aunt Liz came for a visit!  Bix bestowed her with many crafts from the "Multi-culti Monday" visit to Africa.

We also made Shrinky Dinks.

Have been practicing bike-riding.

Basically, just enjoying life!