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30 May 2008

We Pause to Remember

...the comic genius of Harvey Korman.
Growing up I was Tim Conway to Auntie B's Harvey (and Vicki Lawrence to her Carol Burnett). We spent countless hours watching and acting like them all. When Bix heard the news, it upset her greatly.

You will be missed.

29 May 2008

Straight or Curly?

We did have a bit of down time at the lake (isn't that what the lake is for?) So Stacey and I thought it would be fun to see Bix with straight hair.

We quickly decided it was not a good idea. What do you think?

28 May 2008

Swimming in the Lake

As you can tell, Bix is feeling more and more at home in the water. We are glad we finally found a flotation device that will let swim on her own. Could she be the next Gertrude Ederle?

27 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Bix had tons of fun at the lake!!! Too much to fit into one post, so you will be getting "weekend updates" all week long.

When one has a holiday at the lake there is always boating. Bix made quick work of getting her sea legs...

Learned how to drive the boat...

Showed Pops and CiCi that she makes an excellent Cruise Director...look out Julie McCoy.

Had lots of interesting and entertaining chats with Stacey...

Our little First Mate even tried to throw the bumpers overboard...

Coming soon: Swimming in Lake Balboa.

21 May 2008

Reading is Fundamental

...and look how much improved Bix is compared to last year at this time.

She can sit without any help from the Bumbo, turn pages on her own, and if you ask her she would probably tell you who all the characters are in each of her books.

Hola Panama

Bix loves her new dress that was made by the natives. She said, "muchas gracias mami". We are teaching her "denada" next.

20 May 2008


Even when having one of the greatest vacations ever, I still had moments where I wanted to see Bix. Central America doesn't always accommodate a good internet connection, so I brought a little video with me on my camera. Whenever I found myself missing her, this little video made me smile...

Hopefully it makes you feel the same way when you are wanting to give those little cheeks a pinch.

15 May 2008

At the Car Wash

Bix loves water and she loves bubbles. What better combination for her than car washing!?

Even after the car was clean, Bix wanted to keep on playing.

If you need your car washed, Bix has very reasonable rates. Just give us a call or send us an email. It might take a little time for us to get back to you...I am leaving for Panama today and will be home on Monday.

14 May 2008

RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation

Bix is riveted to this you can see.

Yes, the clever folks at the Children's Television Workshop bring us another Muppet sketch that entertains both the adults and the kiddoes.

How can you not love the Horatio Caine, complete with dramatic glasses.

13 May 2008

"More Crawfish"

...that's what Bix says. I can't remember if this is her fourth or fifth boil. One thing I do know is that this is the first time she has marched over to the table and pulled down a crawfish of her very own.

It was a little spicy.

A refreshing bottle of water was just the ticket.

Then Bix was back for more...that's our girl.

12 May 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie B!

Bix wanted to toast to you...I made her wait until it was afternoon.

Major Donnie

He came back for another visit, and did Bix love it! As soon as I told her he was here, she said "Don-ee?!"
He taught her how to do the new Marine push-ups...

but mostly they just had a good time.

Now when we say "Donnie" she looks around with nervous anticipation and giggles. (She thinks someone is about to chase her)

11 May 2008

Happy Mothers' Day 2008

What a difference a year makes...

09 May 2008

Party Like a Rockstar

That's what Bix learned to do at the hotel. Just take a look at what she did to our room...totally trashed.

Bix is pretty happy with herself...

08 May 2008

What a Trip!

Bix did just about everything a toddler can do in a few short days in Washington, DC.
We started out at the National Mall with some running around...

Then it was off to the aquarium with Gianna and Josette.
It was very exciting!

We took lots of pictures.

After seeing all the fish...the girls wanted more, so off we went to the Zoo. We saw gorillas, zebras, pandas, hippos, and even the elephants.

Gianna had a ball!

...and Bix did too!

When in DC you must see all the monuments and memorials, Bix tried her best. From the Washington and the Lincoln monuments, to the Smithsonion, and the Capitol, and the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam memorials...Bix really got around.

All that sightseeing would wear anyone out.

After all the excitement of our Nation's Capitol Bix enjoyed a relaxing flight home.

It is amazing how long you can entertain someone with the Sky Mall.

03 May 2008


Bix had a great time today with Grandma and Poppo. There were lots of activities (even a balloon) and lots of good food.
We are going to DC tomorrow to visit Bix' friend Gianna, and we will be home late Wednesday. Until then, here is Bix among the blooms!

02 May 2008

Is That Becks?!, it's just Bix, but she is starting early with the soccer, and is looking pretty good I must say.

01 May 2008

Sleepy Time

Bix has basically two speeds, off and on. You never know when the 'off' switch might flip. Here it did right in the middle of swinging. Do you think that classifies as Narcolepsy?