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29 August 2012

Dinner and Swimming

Thanks for both, Stacey!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

So glad we were together to celebrate.

Yea, Grandma!

We love you!!!

27 August 2012


Bix was up early this morning, and ready for her first day!

Here she is walking the same path Mommy took to her first day at Bowie.

Her good buddy Jack (from preschool) is in her class. Bonus!!! (and yes, Auntie B already commented that he looks like a six-year-old Gary Cole)

So how did Fi spend her first day with Bix at school?  It started like this...

Then it was time for a little "Mr. Potato Head Action"

I remember wearing the lips around when I was little, but never the 'stache.

No day is really complete without Paul Williams singing Rainbow Connection on Yo Gabba Gabba!

There was lots of other games and goings-on, but Fi put her new pink-satin sneakers on, and we went to school to get Bix.

After a fantastic first day of school, what other way to celebrate than with a trip to Braum's?  Of course, Bix and her new pal Claire had a ball.

Day One...a success.

23 August 2012

Fi's Special Dinner

She was heartbroken to be left out of Bix' special dinner Monday night.

I promised her that Wednesday would be a special Mommy/Fi dinner.  She was ecstatic and insistent that it be just like Bix'.  That meant, first of all, "smooth" hair. (I know, it isn't right)

Dining at Fuddruckers was also on the list. Same booth as her sister sat in. She also had to have the same drink as Bix.  Can you say Fanta?!

Ate her whole cheeseburger...just like Bix.

Topped it all off with a gumball.  She had to be just like Bix so she got one for her sister too!

No matter how many times I told her the name of the restaurant, Fi said "Food"-ruckers.  Well, one thing I know for sure...this girl really likes Foodruckers.

21 August 2012

Back to School Shopping

Bix got hers done last week, and picked everything out all by herself.  Here she is modeling a few of her new ensembles, and getting very excited about kindergarten.  (I wish pink glitter shoes were a neutral in my wardrobe...sigh.)

20 August 2012

Pre-Kinder Dinner

This will be the first year Bix has not gone to school with her best friend Finley.  The girls celebrated becoming Kindergarteners with burgers and smiles.

Each enjoyed two full glasses of Fanta.  The first one orange and the second raspberry/grape because they just couldn't decide on one flavor.  Aaaaah...refreshing.

15 August 2012

I Love it When...

Bix tells a joke...

I catch Fi looking like Mommy...

 The girls share a giggle...

They both want to wear pj pants and t-shirts to

14 August 2012

Here Comes the Rain

We went to our favorite spot to watch the storms roll in.

Bix was waiting (and watching) patiently.

Fi thought she saw some lightning!

So far we have had barely a half inch of rain.  Thunder, on the other hand, we have had the equivalent of a 10 inch deluge.  It was tough to get the girls to sleep tonight.

Bix wanted to know if the rain was "God crying." What would your response to that be?

08 August 2012

Olympic Track and Field

The girls have the right gear..

They know how to get ready and get set. (Look at that focus Fi has)

Watch them go!!!

They are trying to learn the National Anthem. (We are working on Bix putting her right hand on her heart, but she keeps mirroring the athletes on t.v.)