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23 August 2012

Fi's Special Dinner

She was heartbroken to be left out of Bix' special dinner Monday night.

I promised her that Wednesday would be a special Mommy/Fi dinner.  She was ecstatic and insistent that it be just like Bix'.  That meant, first of all, "smooth" hair. (I know, it isn't right)

Dining at Fuddruckers was also on the list. Same booth as her sister sat in. She also had to have the same drink as Bix.  Can you say Fanta?!

Ate her whole cheeseburger...just like Bix.

Topped it all off with a gumball.  She had to be just like Bix so she got one for her sister too!

No matter how many times I told her the name of the restaurant, Fi said "Food"-ruckers.  Well, one thing I know for sure...this girl really likes Foodruckers.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

That hair is crazy! I love it! She doesn't even need a Bump-It!