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27 August 2012


Bix was up early this morning, and ready for her first day!

Here she is walking the same path Mommy took to her first day at Bowie.

Her good buddy Jack (from preschool) is in her class. Bonus!!! (and yes, Auntie B already commented that he looks like a six-year-old Gary Cole)

So how did Fi spend her first day with Bix at school?  It started like this...

Then it was time for a little "Mr. Potato Head Action"

I remember wearing the lips around when I was little, but never the 'stache.

No day is really complete without Paul Williams singing Rainbow Connection on Yo Gabba Gabba!

There was lots of other games and goings-on, but Fi put her new pink-satin sneakers on, and we went to school to get Bix.

After a fantastic first day of school, what other way to celebrate than with a trip to Braum's?  Of course, Bix and her new pal Claire had a ball.

Day One...a success.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Mr Potato Head! Paul Williams! Ice Cream! Sparkly shoes! What a perfect day.

Glad the year is off to a great start!