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07 June 2014

Filling in the Gap

I know, we went from Easter to the last day of school in one entry.  I will try to fill in some of our goings on during that time.

Fi had "Farm Day" at school

We served at the Mendenhall Carnival, and the girls went home winners at the cake walk.

 LOTS of fun with friends after school

 First swim in the pool (late April)

It was colder than they thought.

Fi had her hair straightened

Daddy got to boil some crawfish...and Fi got to eat them!

Muffins with Mom

The first of MANY swimming days at Stacey's

More fun with friends at Bowie


Dinner with LG friends

A trip to Fretz Park...the library will be closed for the next year in order to remodel.  Bye-bye 70s cool decor.

I hope they keep the awesome bike racks


05 June 2014

Last Day Of School

Oh, what a difference a school year makes...