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30 December 2009

Christmas Day

Bix was very patient waiting for everyone to wake up.

Fi was quite relaxed while the presents were being opened.

Bix made sure to help everyone opens their gifts.

Bix asked Santa for a doctor's kit, and he delivered.  She got right to work tending to KK's possible hypertension.

Next on the list of exciting gifts was the hippity-hop.  Bix helped Daddy blow it up.

Then it was non-stop action.

Fi wanted to know, "Can I try that next?"

29 December 2009

Christmas in LA

We had a lovely Christmas with the family.  We started with Christmas Eve candlelight service.  The church gave all the small kiddoes glow-sticks instead of candles...genius!
Then it was off to the Hayters for a party.  Did Fi get into the Egg Nog daiquiri?

Great soiree...Bix was under the table.

This family sure knows how to party.

We were all ready for Santa!

More on that later...

23 December 2009

More Christmas Pageant

Bix can't get enough of playing Mary.

Fi is cast as the baby sheep.

21 December 2009

Here We Go A-Caroling

Bix is playing the music.

Fi is singing along in her own way.

20 December 2009

Santa's Village

What a great place!  Bix had an even better time than last year.  We checked out the Reindeer House and got reindeer food and Bix had her nose painted like Rudolf.

Bix got a cookie from Mrs. Santa and then wrote a letter to Santa asking for...

We all watched some singing and dancing on the big stage,

and even toured Santa's firehouse.

Bix posed with Sparky the fire dog.

She was a little more enthusiastic than last time.

Fi slept through most everything...better luck next year.

18 December 2009

A Visit to Santa

It took Bix a few minutes to warm up...

but then...maybe...

she got the hang of it...

Santa even got a big hug goodbye.  Poppo was hoping for a picture like last year,

but as you can see, there was no need this time.  Thanks for being on call dad.  What a difference a year makes.

16 December 2009

Christmastime is Here

Bix is all about the Christmas story, and the Nativity (or "activity" as she calls it).  She loves to put on a show.  Much of the time she is Mary,

but she also likes to take on the role of Joseph.  (Good job as Mary, Grandma.  Is that RoRo playing baby Jesus, and is Mavy a sheep?)

Fi is content to snooze on Too-Too's lap.

Or maybe play with the tree lights.

15 December 2009


Anyone who comes to our house is Bix' new friend.  Last weekend, two of our dear friends came for a visit.  The girls read stories with Kristin and Auntie Vino.

Bix led the dance party.  Go on girl, go head, get down.

Fi rocked the mic.  Possibly the first time Kristin has voluntarily shared the microphone;)

14 December 2009

Christmas Partying

Bix is enjoying the festivities a little bit more than Fi...she is but a blur of activity.

Fi is taking it all in from the sidelines.

We all had a wonderful time at Aunt Liz' party yesterday.

Bix slowed down long enough to thank Aunt Liz for a great time, and to admire her sparkly top.

Fi caught some shut-eye during the party.

Bix waited until she hit the car-seat.

08 December 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

And inside our house too.

03 December 2009

Christmas Pageant

Bix is practicing being Mary.  Um...could you give baby Jesus a little more head support?

Fi is lined up for a front row seat.

02 December 2009

It's Snowing!

Bix has been talking about snow for days.  She thinks that when its snows that means Christmas is here.  Hopefully she won't be too disappointed.
Fi enjoyed the snow from Mommy's lap.

Bix was rendered speechless...and we all know how rare that is.

30 November 2009


We had a special holiday last week for just giving thanks.  There are so many things we are grateful are just a few.

Fi is glad to have a big sister.

Bix feels the same about Fi.

Bix said many "thank yous" for her new shopping cart.

(and the box it came in)

We are thankful for safety straps.

Fun at the playground is something we also remember.

A walk to the park with Grandma and Mavy is a treat.

These are the three things I am most thankful for.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and we wish you all of God's blessings throughout this upcoming Christmas season.