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30 April 2009

Future's So Bright

It has been raining here the past few days, but the sun finally came out this afternoon. Bix did not hesitate grabbing Grandma's shades.

29 April 2009

New Outfit?

The PJs are new and so are the sandals. We didn't intend for them to be worn together, but Bix insisted on wearing her new shoes AND her new jammies.

27 April 2009

Special Delivery

Bix always enjoys opening the mail...this package was no exception.

We had left one of her corks in Shreveport, and Bix very quickly realized that was what was in the bag.

Excitement would be an understatement. She told us that CiCi and Pops had sent her a new cork and she wanted to try it out.

Bix knows that she only gets it when she sleeps, so she immediately told us she was sleepy and went "to bed".

26 April 2009

Party Party Party

That was Bix' mantra on Saturday. Brandon and Angie threw a fantastic crawfish boil and Bix enjoyed every aspect.
From the face painting...

To her new friends.


There was even a bounce house, and Bix got to show off her latest tattoo.

These guys really know how to pass a good time.

22 April 2009


Bix woke up bright and early.

Then it was off for "adventuring" with Pops.

There were so many dogs to play with. Of course we love Kosmo, but Peanut is nice too.

So is Isabel.

After all the petting Bix was ready to shoot some hoops.

The girl needs her snacks, and spent more of her time hanging out with Grandmommy than playing ball.

Finally Bix was ready to go. She wanted to drive KK's car home, but we thought her car seat in the minivan was a better choice.

21 April 2009

Weekend in LA

We had a great visit, starting out with dinner (and drinks) at Oyster Bar.

Bix had lots of laughs with Kosmo.

Pops, KK, and Kosmo followed Bix on a stroll around the neighborhood.

We were running low on supplies so Bix ran to the store.

You cannot forget Cush's. (Who knew they had such great spaghetti?)

And that was just Friday and Saturday...stay tuned for Sunday.

16 April 2009

Gone Fishin'

Bix and Daddy had a great adventure yesterday. Bix got her first lesson in fishing...

don't eat all the bait.

Just when it was about time to go home, they reeled in a "big" one. Ask Bix about it if you get the chance...she loves a good fish story.

15 April 2009

Central Market

That is where we spent 3 hours today. Bix played with Nicholas, I talked with his mommy, we all had lunch, and played some more. We were finally able to lure them away from the play area with the promise of balloons. What a great day!

13 April 2009

Easter Candy

Bix has a new favorite phrase. "Candy, please." You can be her best friend for a mere M&M or even a miniature Reese's. See how happy a little treat makes her...

12 April 2009

He is Risen

He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter 2009

09 April 2009

The Easter Tiger

Bix was really into the face painting. As you can see, she couldn't take her eyes off herself. I wonder where she gets that?

08 April 2009

Here Comes Bixie Cottontail

Our neighborhood held it's annual Easter egg hunt this weekend, and Bix had a ball!
First thing she had to do was shake hands with the Easter bunny.

Then it was time to strategize her plan for finding the most eggs.

Bix was grabbing 3 or 4 at a time. She collected so many we had to use an overflow bucket to hold them all.

She also won a few prizes, including this blue bunny.

After the hunt it was on to the tattoo stand. Bix got a lovely butterfly that is still hanging on today. (and a taste of Daddy's lollipop)

Then it was time for the face painting. She had to have the tiger!

Next was the train! Bix thought it was almost as good as Thomas and proceeded to ride it about a dozen times.

Finally a chance to sit down and eat a few pieces of candy. This tiger had some day.

06 April 2009


This weekend was the annual Krewe de Roux crawfish boil! The food was delicious, and as usual Jacques was a terrific host. Even though Bix stayed away from the crawfish...she had plenty to chow down on.

Cheese-filled sausage, Yum!

After all the eating and drinking it was time for a dip in the pool. Bix didn't have her suit, but didn't let that stop her.

02 April 2009

Life is Good

Seems like Bix is always having a good time.

01 April 2009

More Thomas

How could you have more fun!?