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27 March 2011

Party Weekend

Bix had two friends turn 4 this weekend.  On Saturday it was Ellie's gymnastics party. Bix could hardly wait, and of course dressed herself.

Ellie was impressed with how high she jumped. Whoa.

Bix was totally loving it!

Having her best bud Finley to share it all with, made the party even better.

Fi had to stay at home, but got into the spirit of things in this pseudo-gymnastics get-up.

"Are you looking at my tummy?  No more cheeseburgers for me."

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Nice! So glad you could work the Bela Karolyi "cheeseburger" remark into the post. True gymnastics spirit!

And something tells me Fi won't be giving up her cheeseburgers, either! Yum!