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23 February 2011

Don't Know Where the Time Goes

There has been plenty going on...I just haven't seemed to be able to sit down long enough to post any pictures.
We had a lovely heart-shaped pizza to celebrate Valentine's Day. (Yes we are quite the romantics)

The weather has been lovely, so we have been taking advantage of it, and having lots of picnics.

 There has been a lot

of scooter-riding.

 And racing.  On your mark...get set...

Four-wheelin' is another fair-weather activity.

Fi is getting into her fair share of mischief. (busted-lip, goose-egg on her forehead, and scraped up chin just this week.)

Bix is always working on becoming a fashionista.

Cousin Archie is visiting for the week, and he isn't quite sure what to think...

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Cousin Archie has had a GREAT time with his cousins!