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23 October 2008

We're Back

Florida was wonderful, but there were so many great pictures, and so many things to tell about...we will go through it one day at a time.

Day 1: We had extra time waiting for our plane at the airport. (I blame my hyper-punctuality on Poppo...I also thank him for it.) Fortunately our gate was very close to the play-area.

Bix had a blast and was only lured away by the promise of a snack...that's my girl. "Beep-Beep"

As soon as we arrived at the beach house Bix was off to check out the ocean with Pops and KK. (yes, this picture was taken from our house, and yes that was our very own private beach.)

Before we knew it...Bix was busy buidling sandcastles. An activity that kept her quite busy all week long.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

What a fun trip! I mean, even the airport had entertainment!