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29 March 2012

Spring Break

Yes, it was a while ago, but these girls sure have been keeping us busy.  Spring break started out with an overnight trip to the Anatole.  The view from the 25th floor was pretty good.

The girls were all about exploring.  This was the lobby area closest to the pool.

After a swim, we had a tasty dinner at Media.  The interactive, light-up floor was a big hit.

All the excitement made Fi thirsty.

Sister-love! (late night to say the least)

Even after a late night, we were all smiles.

One last look out the window.  Fi is pointing at the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge.

Going down.

Waiting for the valet.

Not even on the highway, and the girls were already talking about when we can do it again.

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Auntie B said...

Reminds me of Mommy and Aunt Betsy's big adventure to the Waldorf-Astoria! Such fun!