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18 June 2012

Father's Day Weekend

That's right a whole weekend of fun for Daddy.  This year that meant lots of fishing and relaxing with our good friends. Once the kiddos got out of the boat, the dads headed onto the river for some fishing.

We adopted some grandparents for the weekend too.

Thanks for the great time Grampa O and GrammyEllo!

All four kids love playing (and swimming together)

Look at those faces!

Daddy with his girls.

G and Bix looking stylish in their Daddies' glases.

Not to be outdone...Fi strikes a pose.

The girls painted some pictures for Daddy.

This one they did together.

Before hitting the road, the kids all chowed down (amazing how well our kids eat when there are other kids around)

Thank you McDs for an awesome weekend!  Love you all!!

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Auntie B said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend! SO much fun!