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15 August 2011

More With Archie

The girls were really sweet with their cousin. Bix was especially loving being a big-girl.

Fi was just as enamored with little Arch as Bix, but she also was equally concerned with marking her territory.  Here she is sharing her beloved balloon.

 "Let me take that bottle from you."

"Sorry, I love you!"

Fi pretending Archie is a small Japanese to her Godzilla.

Again, hugs and apologies Cous-Cous.

"Somebody help!"

This is how it's done.

"Yeah, you can stand up Archie, but I can climb on top of the table."

"Let me take your toy from you."

"I will now block your exit and relieve you of your favorite toy."

"I'll talk to her and see what I can do."

Good times in the bath tub.

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