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04 September 2011

More Fun This Weekend

Bix insisted we take Kosmo to the park.  Fortunately, the cold front, that brought the temperature down into the 90s made that possible.

There was lots of sliding. (until the slides just got too hot)


Bridge crossing.


Hanging around.

Of course we had some pretend restauranting too.

"Fetch, Kosmo!"

Then it just really got too hot for all of us.

Besides, JB and KK were coming to the house!  Bix was ready to see her boyfriend and try on his boots.

KK and Fi having quality time in the tent.

Fi finally warmed up to Kosmo.  Unfortunately, it was time for him to leave.

One last kiss good-bye.

Have a safe drive home!  We'll miss you.

1 comment:

Kimberly and Jarrod said...

Loved the post!! So glad we were able to play on Sunday! Also, thank y'all so much for babysitting kosmo!! He told us he misses the girls!