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14 June 2010

Out for a Walk

It wasn't quite so hot (translation: low 90s) so we thought going for a stroll around the neighborhood sounded like a good plan.  The girls were ready to go.

Fi was a content and happy camper.

Bix quickly thought it was too hot, and was upset that I wouldn't (couldn't) carry her on my shoulders while I pushed the stroller.  I actually did try.

It didn't take long for Fi to start fading too.

A cold drink brought a smile back to Bix' face.

All it took for Fi was some A/C and for Mommy to let her out of the confines of the stroller.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Love it! What a fun day! Maybe you can take the cold drinks with you next time...

PS: Waiting for the JLL video!