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13 July 2013

The Middle of July Already?!

I noticed this morning that our last post was the day we left for vacation in HSV.  Well, we have been home since Sunday, and just now starting to post pictures from our wonderful trip...

To start off...the girls were very excited about their backpack carriers for Kit and Ruthie.  (and mommy is hopeful that they continue to store all their doll clothes and accessories in them)

The drive up to the lake was fairly smooth.

As soon as we arrived, Fi claimed the top bunk...

while Bix showed off her loose tooth.

The morning started off with an impromptu dance-off.

Then some Tour de France watching

Then Poppo bench-pressed his 50 lbs, and then the girls went swimming.

Some dollhouse time

Bix finally got to ride her new bike!

We think Fi has finally transitioned, full time, to the bike with pedals!

Next, it was time to wash the van...and evidently themselves.

They really needed a genuine scrubbing. (Bix was a little overzealous with the bubbles)

To top off the ice cream picnic of course.

...and that was just day one.

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