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09 January 2011

Awesome Weekend!

SO much fun.  CiCi, JB, and KK all came to town for the Cotton Bowl. (and of course they brought Kosmo too). Needless to say the game was terrific.

A great time with friends and family.

We kept the good time going the next day with a visit to Diana and Orie's lovely home.  The girls entertained us all dressing up in Gracie's accessories.

There were even some fun toys to play with.

Bix thought she was very cool, and quite grown-up.

Fi kept calling this "apple juice", but we prevented her from getting any into her sippy cup.

And of course today we woke up to rain...then sleet...winter mix...and finally...SNOW!

We did some sledding, made snow angels, and then built an fantastic fort.

Fi was a little happier inside where it was warm.

By nightfall we still hadn't built a snowman.  We were running out of daylight and snow.  Never fear, Daddy and Bix got the job done.

Fi had to come out and oversee everything.

Then it was back inside to get warm.

Top the day off with a warm bowl of soup...yum.

No one wanted the day to end.


Auntie B said...

I am definitely seeing some of Mommy's facial expressions on Miss Fiona!! (Especially that last one!)

josette said...

what a fun day! maybe i should send gianna to texas, we've only gotten two coatings of snow and she is DYING to build a snowman and do all that fun stuff.