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21 October 2009

A Long Week

It is amazing how slowly time ticks by when you are awake for almost all of it.  Fi is a really good eater and sleeper, but she likes doing that mostly during the day.  Late at night or early in the morning is usually when you can find her waving to the camera.

While we are on the topic of sleeping...Bix has taken a turn for the better when it comes to sleeping through the night all by herself.  Three nights in a row for our big girl!  She has the tea set to show for it, and I am looking forward to her getting back to her old habits.  (Yes, that is chocolate in the corners of her mouth)


Auntie B said...

Call me crazy, but I something about Fiona reminds me of Poppo! I cannot tell if it is the eyes or just the aura of mischievous fun! :)

Bix doesn't look to thrilled with that tea set - what a funny pic! I love them both and miss them already!

josette said...

HI there! Fi is so cute! She looks so alert. Glad Big Sister Bix is sleeping better....she needs to tell Big Sister G how to do it! I agree the weeks are long when you are always awake! I agree with Auntie B...doesn't seem like Bix is impressed with her tea cute!

peter said...

Poppo likes the pictures when he is away from home. Fiona has really changed, and Bix is Bix.