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06 April 2010

More Easter

You saw the amazing portrait session.  What else were we up to this weekend?
CiCi and Grandmommy came to visit and we spent time with friends and family at Grandma and Poppo's.
Bix started out very excited about her Easter baskets (yes, that was plural)

Fi was content to watch from the sidelines.

Bix was very appreciative of everything!

Fi was a little tired, but she really did love the big duck.

Then it was outside for the egg "hunt".  Who knew it could take a little girl soooo long to find a few eggs scattered in the front lawn.  Here is an example of Bix' looking skills.
(I can see the yellow egg...can't you?)

We headed over to Grandma and Poppo's for a delicious meal!  Bix had fun playing with usual.

While Fi was "chill" hanging out with Wykeel.

Of course the next logical thing to do was go swimming!  The answer to your question is, "No, it was NOT that warm."

Even Fi was shocked.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

I heard multiple reports about Bix' questionable egg-hunting focus and skill. I say those two things are overrated - especially with Bix flair and style!

Plus, I am so glad she carried on the Easter tradition of swimming in cold water! Huzzah!