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04 May 2010

Thanks Too-Too

One of the girls' three (I mean how blessed are they?!) great-grandmothers sent these cute tops.  I have to give Too-Too credit for the awesome play-on-words with her name on Fi's onesie.  Can you read it?  It says "I'm TUTU cute."  Love it!
And for those of you concerned with Bix' head injury...there was nothing visibly wrong with her but she insisted she had been injured by Henry at school and the only thing that could make it better was Dora.


Anonymous said...

How did you know I would be concerned about Bix's head injury? CiCi

Auntie B said...

So cute! I cannot wait to see them!

Auntie B said...

And darn, my baby won't be able to wear that cute Tutu shirt!!!