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02 January 2012

A Visit to Aunt Liz'

We had a wonderful day today.  It started with a wonderful lunch that Aunt Liz prepared.


After our bellies were full, Grandma, Too-Too, Aunt Liz, the girls, and I, went on Safari.  Ok, not really, but we did meet some animals.

Fi ate more carrots herself then she fed to the animals.

Bix took to it right away.

Fi wasn't quite ready to get too close.

Happiness is...being held by Grandma.

This is close enough.

Thanks Aunt Liz!

Before we drove home, Too-Too needed to check the score of the Florida Game.

The girls provided commercial entertainment, and continued to celebrate the new year. (Oh, and the Gator win...Too-Too was quite pleased)

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Looks like lots of fun! Archie can't wait to go visit and check out the animal fun!