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16 June 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Yes, yes, I know, that was almost a month ago, but here we go...

Can we please-please-please go swimming yet?

 To the lake!!!

 Tubing with Daddy.  Go Bix!

 Fi gave it a try too.  So fun!

Fi has tried to commandeer Daddy's new hat.

Whirlpool bathtub at the lake is fantastic.

Playing dice with Aunt Liz

 "Did you really roll that number, Bix?"

Family trip down to Balboa Beach

Cut short due to inclement weather

 Back to the house to snuggle with Aunt Liz

And Poppo

And Grandma

We also celebrated Mommy's birthday.  A giant cookie with MOM spelled out in M& great!

The girls like to "boat surf"

And drive the boat

Always so much fun to be had.

We can't thank you enough

A stop at Chik-fil-a on the way home, makes leaving a little bit easier.

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