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15 September 2008

Storm Chaser

Another great adventure for Bix in Louisiana! After the excitement of Gustav...she had to check out Ike.
First we headed down to Winnfield for a visit with the "birthday girl" Mami.

We celebrated with a very nice dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water. With Ike close at hand, the view was somewhat obscured by the boarded up windows.

That didn't stop Bix from having a great time with her cousins Ethan and Elle Ann.

When we returned to Shreveport there was no electricity, so we went to bed in the dark.

In the morning, Bix got up bright and early to survey the damage. (nothing too serious)

Then it was time for Bix to tend to some of CiCi's gardening.

On our way out of town we stopped at Strawn's for some dinner...and strawberry pie.

We are headed to Florida next month...hopefully there will be no more hurricanes for Bix to see.


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What an adventurous vacation!