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03 September 2008

Visit to Shreveport

Bix had a wonderful vacation at CiCi and Pops' this weekend. So many things to do and people to see.
First on the list was Aunt KK and the "puppy".

She tried to teach Kosmo new tricks, and tempted him with some turkey.

After a big meal, it was time for lounging poolside.

Then of course there was more to eat. Bix is such a lucky girl...she gets fed by two of her great-grandmothers!

Bix is quite the extrovert. You have heard of people talking to fences...this girl was able to make friends with a statue.

Gustav did not hit quite as hard as they thought it would up here in Northern Louisiana.

There was some wind and a little rain, but Bix and Pops were able to have a good laugh over the whole thing.

Bix is ready for another trip soon. Thanks Pops and CiCi. you made this Labor Day weekend memorable for all!

We had a great time in Taos...but are fairly sure that it can't compete with a weekend full of Bix.


Anonymous said...

We miss her already but look forward to her next visit. I had 75 e-mails when I got back to work this morning. It'll go downhill from here. CiCi

Auntie B said...

What great photos! Such a fun weekend!