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08 November 2010

Happy Birthday Colt

We celebrated Colt's 2nd birthday in true cowboy style.

Fi even got a ride on the pony.  She was very cool about the whole thing.

 Bix was overjoyed about the idea of riding a pony again.

Fi decided to plow the back 40.

 She really took to the whole concept.

 Bix was serious about wanting a piece of that gorgeous cake...and one of those animal cookies!

By the time we were ready to cut the cake Colt was still excited about everything, but I think Bix' sugar-high was starting to wane.

Kudos to Jodi...hostess with the fabulous gift of being fabulous.


Kimberly and Jarrod said...

Love her blue jean dress!!!

josette said...

what a fun party! they girls are as cute as ever.

Auntie B said...

Bix is really mastering the cheesy sorority girl grin! Auntie B is so proud!!