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29 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a fantastic one in Louisiana!!!  The trip started down in Baton Rouge.  The girls really got into the tailgating experience.

The Petersons and Browns had a great time!

 Bix got to hang out with her Daddy and JB.

 Fi thought she was too cool, hanging out with all the big kids.

Bix too.


By the end of the day Fi was even getting cosy with Kosmo.

Bix, on the other hand, was all about seeing Mike the Tiger.  The real one was asleep (of course), but the statue provided lots of fun.

Fi was not quite as enthused as her sister.

We did finally get a chance to eat the beautiful birthday cake CiCi made for Fi's birthday.

It was YUM!!!

We had all kinds of good food on our trip.

After stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving day at Grandmommy's, Bix took a break to do some 4-wheeling.

Fi was a little more traditional in her post-turkey activities.

The shower made for a great place for the girls to play for quite a while...

 Then Alyssa and Brianna came over to play and Bix was very thankful!

We had such a wonderful visit with all the family in Louisiana.  What a blessing.

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