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25 July 2011

Camp Stacey

Another exciting summertime extravaganza!  Starting the party was a celebration for H's 9th!

Everyone loves chocolate cake.


There has been a LOT of swimming.

Bix and H had a surfing/wipeout competition.

I wonder who won for best wipeout?

Both girls were winners.

Flying through the air is another favorite activity at camp.

Love the flying.

Bix stayed overnight, and the girls had all kinds of good times.  McDonalds, legos, movies, more swimming, etc...

The littlest camper wanted to get in on it too.

Even though Camp Stacey continues tomorrow...I still had to pry Bix' fingers from around H.

We love it!

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Love it! Cheers to Camp Stacey!