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12 July 2011

More From the Lake in July

Bix and Fi play under the house and have a lot of fun.  On this day they had a great time pretending the dirt and rocks were "pixie dust".

 There is always plenty of good eating at Grandma and Poppo's.

Lots of fun around the table.

Always swimming.

This year Bix was much better at tubing, and enjoyed it a lot more.

Unfortunately Fi had a fever, and didn't enjoy that day quite as much.

Poppo's boat is always a good time.

Bix is getting better at driving.

But sometimes her sea-legs fail her.

Fi spent a lot of her free time carrying around this 10-pound exercise ball.  "Heaby!"

Quality time reading with Grandma.

Lounging in front of the TV eating breakfast is a lake treat. (and already a bit of a tradition)

Both girls got a kick out of sitting so close to each other in the truck.

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to see our dear friends Sara Lee and Furgie.  The girls had a blast "tickle-fighting" Mr. Furg.

"Get him!"

New best friends.

We were sad to leave, but the girls had a plane ride to look forward to, and we were all excited to see Daddy.

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