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21 October 2011

Magic Kingdom...Day 2

Last day at Disney, and the girls were ready to go.

Nothing in the world like Main Street, USA.

We met lots of characters this day.  Starting with Pluto.

While waiting to meet Mickey, Bix performed a little magic.

Bix gave Minnie a picture she drew, and Fi was all about the hugs.

Pirate Goofy greeted us outside the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Train ride around the park was a little break.

So much fun to be had!

They also met Aurora.



What could be better than topping all that fun off with a massive ice cream cone!?

We also hit the raceway again.  Bix took her driving quite seriously.

Fi had a little less control, but based on the peals of laughter, could not have had a better time.

There's our cool-rider.

Fi...checking to make sure Daddy was ok after the bumpy ride.

This family really loves the People Mover.

Once more we battled the evil Zurg to help Buzz Lightyear.

Look at that concentration.

The smiles say it all.

Three days of nonstop fun, and we could have kept going...

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