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20 October 2011


We broke up our 2 days at Disney with a trip to see Shamu.  The girls dressed and ready to go.

Feeding the sting rays was exciting (and stinky).  The girls are still talking about it!

This was the angle from which we viewed the dolphins swimming around...very cool.

I was surprised, but Bix really wanted to ride Atlantis.  Well, until we got on...then she cried most of the time, and insisted she wouldn't ride it again until she was "a teenager...or seven."

Bix was got a little tired, but the killer whales perked her right up.

We all loved them.

SeaWorld has a great area full of kid rides.  The lines were super-short and the girls rode them all.  Like these "jelly-fish" teacup-like rides that went round and round and up and down.

This one was like a mini conquistador (with a twist).

Bix pretended to ride the Kraken and be "totally scared!"  Mommy and Daddy rode it twice and it took awhile to get our equilibrium back.

Fi couldn't really fake a scaredy face.

They both had a super day.

We were glad we had the double-stroller was a long day.

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Auntie B said...

Looks like a super-fun day!