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17 February 2012

Bix is...5!!!

Boy, did we have a fun-filled week.  We have been so busy, I hardly had a chance to take photos.  There were of course, the requisite smiley-face cupcakes.

Berry Bitty Market from Grandmommy. (Just the beginning of the Strawberry Shortcake)

Happy faces on the way to the big party. The official theme was Strawberry Shortcake-Mardi Gras-Star Wars.

The twenty one kids were moving so fast, this was about the best we could do. (Yes, that is Bix in the pink leggings with aqua shirt and orange skirt)

There goes Fi!



The Strawberry Shortcake cake. We also had an amazing King Cake, and the birthday girl got the slice with the baby.

More presents than any one kid needs.

Fi could hardly contain herself, but she did.

Birthday Queen

Winding down with popcorn...and a Strawberry Shortcake movie.

Once it got dark the girls got into the Star Wars spirit with their new swords.

Thank you everyone who helped to make Bix the happiest 5-year-old on the planet.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family to share these special times with.

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