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23 February 2012

Parade Weekend in Shreveport

Started out just the Oyster Bar.

When we got to CiCi's house, she surprised the girls with some Mardi Gras gear!

They couldn't wait to get it on.

KK got in on the fun too.

It rained all day Saturday, so the new umbrellas got some heavy use.

Those two wanted to start their own parade.

A trip to the Frozen Frog was in order.  Besides, KK  and Bix had some deep questions to discuss.

Fi was quite proud of her orange sorbet/vanilla with peanut M&Ms and gummy bear combo.

Chocolate with Skittles and gummy sharks was the order of the day for Bix.  Each girl ate every bit (even drinking the melted part). Personally, I think Mommy's peanut butter/chocolate swirl with Heath bits and Twix pieces was the best choice.

It was a rather wet and somewhat cold parade Saturday night, but we braved the elements (for awhile).

Everyone was glad to get inside, dry, and fill our bellies with Cane's.

Bix even nabbed a little of KK's and JB's pizza. Yum!

Those two really do love their JB.

Even though our bead-catching-time was cut short, we did have quite the haul.

Sun shining on Sunday...the family was ready to go again.

Great times!  What a group...what a fun weekend.

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