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08 July 2012

Celebrating America at the Lake

Our family made the annual trip to Grandma's and Poppo's lake house, and is tradition...had an awesome time!
I mean, before we even got there...we fed a squirrel.

And had a show.  Who knew a rest area could be such a party?!

Once we got to the was time to hit the water!

Daddy and Bix spent a lot of time fishing.

Fi wanted in on the fun too.

After fishing for a while (on the other side of the lake), Daddy and Bix made their way home.

Fi was wondering, "Seriously, could they take any longer?"

Not bad for a fly reel.  Daddy caught a few more that were even bigger!

We all had a wonderful time visiting with Aunt Elaine and Uncle Wayne.

Bix has a new favorite Great Great Uncle.

Fi is getting quite good at steering.

 Bix thinks wearing Poppo's hat makes her the Captain.

Even if it doesn't, she still loves to drive.

 Who is that?  Oh, Fi let me put a ponytail in her hair.

The girls spent a lot of time playing mama and sweetie.  This is "Sweetie."

They also spent time playing "Pink Ladies"

BONANZA.  Fi was Little Joe and Bix wanted to be Adam. (yes, the brooms are their horses)

Fi channeling her inner Evonne Goolagong.

Bix playing "Mama" some more.

Of course there was plenty of lap/computer time with Grandma.

We haven't even gotten to the Fourth of July yet.  Hopefully I'll get some of that posted tomorrow.

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