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10 July 2012

More From the Lake

Best way to start the day after Independence Day?  A slice of America's birthday cake of course.

After a healthy breakfast, it was time for the rest of the poppers!  Bix thought they were a bit loud.

That didn't stop her from getting into them.

Fi was a bit mesmerized. (or was it the sugar coma from her cake?)

This year we took our first trip to the DeSoto Pool.  The girls we so ready!

Bix entered the "Big Splash Contest."  She did not win, but had fun trying.

We think her downfall was taking the lifeguard too seriously when he told them they had to go in feet first.

Fi was swimming all over the pool, and wore herself out.  She needed a rest.

Once discovered, Bix didn't want to be anywhere except on the diving board!

The girls also had some good times hitting the garage sales.

Bix with some of her loot.

 I think Fi went back for more cake (in disguise so we wouldn't stop her)

Family swimming (and fishing)

Floating along.

Fi fishing with Daddy.

The girls even made a new friend.  They are really hoping Tevita's parents get a place nearby.

The most exciting and possibly favorite thing the girls did happened out on the lake. (Bix couldn't wait!)

Fi sat up on top of the cupholders to get a better view.


Bix quickly learned all the hand signals, and was constantly giving the "thumbs-up."  She even got brave enough to do this...

Fi went back-and-forth and back-and-forth over wether or nor she was going to try it herself.  You can see how she liked it.

Bix even got to try a little by herself.  She was very determined, and loved every second of it.

A great vacation!

We are tired out.

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